About me

Hi my name is Julian and I am going to tell you some stuff about me I love playing video games I play Rocket league which is a game where you play soccer but with cars it is really fun. I also play Gears of War which is a game of violence and other stuff I am really good with the sniped I don't need a scope. The most weird thing that I like is flipping stuff water bottles and other stuff I am a legend at flipping them. I am a baseball fan and I like The Chicago White Sox other people are talking trash about the Sox and that the cubs are way better and to myself I just say "Whatever" and I always say to myself that they will keep talking trash and when the Sox win they not be talking trash. My music that I listen to is Coldplay and I actually went to one of there concerts and it was very cool they had those wristbands and when you put it one and a light turns on while they are playing the music and it syncs with the music it looks very cool when everyone has it on. My favorite movie Star Trek it is the most common movies ever seen and I love the way they filmed it and its filmed in space not actual space but they put in some background so it could look like you are in space. I love playing with my cousin online with the Xbox because he is so funny and actually his birthday was yesterday December 12th and he just turned 16 he is one of my favorite couisin in the world.

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