Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Literacy History

           I first learned my letters in Kindergarden my teacher had an Alphabet line and then the next day the teacher told us about the Alphabet and then we were singing the A,B,C song and everyone was getting mixed up by the letters. My kindergarden teacher read to us we use to sit in a round carpet and she would say read aloud time and then all of the kids would run to the carpet. My parents read to me and i forgot which book they were reading to me. I did like it when someone read to me because i could learn more from them. I kind of did like enjoying reading to myself because I didn't know how to sound out the words and so I tried sounding it out and I did. I felt like I was smart.

I remember when I first wrote my name and I was trying to sound out my name and when I first wrote it. It looked sloppy then I was like I don't care. It made me feel like I could write a book and I was proud of myself and my parents were proud of me too and then my teacher would give us like a paper with lines going across the paper and we had to write the A,B,C's we had to write Uppercase and Lowercase. I felt like I was ready for the next Grade level and to read myself and write my answers on a sheet of paper and If my friends were having trouble I would go and help them with whatever they want me to help them with. I felt nervous going to school because I did not know how to read or write and that I was afraid that I was not going to make any friends and I was afraid that I was going to be dumb in my class but I wasn't, nobody was and then I moved onto 1st grade and It was just fine. In all of my Grade levels I was growing my reading level.  

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