Friday, January 29, 2016




      *Young Great Whites eat little animals

      *Adult = eat big prey

      *Great Whites don't chew=  swallow their food


The young great whites eat young fish in the ocean like piranhas. The adult Sharks eat sea lions, stingrays and other big preys. The great whites don't chew their food they swallow it once it's in their mouth. (Enchanted Learning)

Monday, January 11, 2016


Step 1:Notes

   1. *As Teenagers=not enough sleep=trouble with their body

    *Teenagers act like they drink to much

    *To many car accidents 

    *It affects adults with sleep 

   2. *Teenagers are not getting enough sleep

    *When getting the right sleep= builds muscles

    *Your body tells you when to wake up 

    *When school starts= trouble staying awake

Step 2:Paraphrase Paragraph

1.As teenagers they do not get enough sleep and it is interacting with their life and their body because of no sleep. Teenagers drink to much which causes to many car accidents every year. However when adults start their work and they are not getting enough rest and don't stay on task at work.

2. Teenagers are not getting enough rest for their body and if you get a good amount of sleep your body builds muscles. When your a teenager your body tells you when to wake up. When school start for teenagers they are not getting enough rest like adults.