Friday, December 11, 2015

Topic and Main Idea

What is the topic of this article? The topic of the article is "Caring tied to our feelings of closeness."

What is the main idea of each heading? The main idea in "We didn't care about attack in Kenya until tragedy his paris" People were taking pictures in front of the eiffel tower., In "Finding out about older attack for the first time" That the fire department were putting out the fire., In "Different victims spark or Different Reactions" People were putting up tuff on twitter and Facebook., In "Caring tied to our feelings of closeness in paris they had just learned going through books., In "Americans Hold Paris Dear" In Facebook and Twitter were shocked.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Author's POV+ Purpose

1. The authors point of view is that we should treat terrorist attack the same. "Not many americans have traveled to Kenya or Beirut. For that reason it is understandable that americans did not react as much to the killings in those places.", "The attack in Kenya was just as terrible as what happened in Paris. Fighters killed students and others at Kenya's Garissa University College.", "Many people feel that we react to terrible events differently depending on whom the victims are."  

2. I Disagree with the Authors POV because if we treat the terrorist attacks the same then people would feel bad about attacks and the people have to evacuate the cities.

3. The authors purpose is to persuade us about "They wanted to show the world that they care about Kenya too.