Friday, November 20, 2015

Author's POV

What responsibilities do people have to animals? The responsibilities that people have with animals is we shouldn't kill the animals because they help us keep us alive so we can eat and have someone to take care of and not be alone.

What is the author's point of view?

The author's point of view in Sea world feels that whales shouldn't be kept in tanks because they are suffering.

Give three pieces of evidence to support your answer.

In the text it said "Sea world cannot breed.", fewer people are visiting sea world because they don't want whales out. they want to see do tricks in the ocean

How do the two authors distinguish their points of view from each other?

They distinguish each other because in "group says whales should be freed to go home" it said that the author should be freed and in sea world the author said whales should not be freed. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Exciting Moment

My book "The Mark of Athena" by "Rick Riordan" The exciting part was that Annabeth is ready to do any challenge and her mouth was open like she was going to fight. Reyna was Annabeth's friend and Reyna was forcing Annabeth to look courage in herself. Percy was in the crowd and was going to watch Annabeth fight and Annabeth said "Look at that sarcastic troublemaker smile." Annabeth was annoyed by Percy's smile for a lot of years. Annabeth was to stunned to move and she couldn't fight and her molecules were about to burst. Annabeth secretly had a crush on Percy since he was 12 years old and last summer she fallen for him hard. Then Annabeth's feelings were not normal she was mean all time she doesn't know what was wrong with her. Percy and Annabeth were at the beach and they kissed and Percy smelled the ocean air.